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Solutions for your transactional document flow

Have you ever considered outsourcing your transactional document flow?

Your business handles a lot of documents on a day-to-day basis. This often happens without a fixed structure or clear output channel strategy, which makes processing these documents time consuming for your employees. By outsourcing your transactional document handlings, your document flow is automated with an integrated strategy for your communication channels of choice.

secure data storage

Transactional documents handled with utmost integrity

Your financial, tax and social documents require secure data management and centralised traceability. Outsourcing these processes creates added value: improved payment times, reduced callback management and optimisation of your customers experience.

  • Hyper-personalisation of your documents tailored to your company
  • User-friendly platform to track your document flow real-time
  • End-to-end solution from data generation to cash collection
  • Improved readability of your transactional documents
  • Digitisation of your transactional documents
  • Automated paper handling and distribution
Track your flow

Get a clear overview of your document status.

Advanced handling

Secure storage, transportation and delivery of your documents.

transactional document flow

More control through outsourcing

Outsource your entire transactional document flow to one single partner that handles your documents with utmost integrity.

  • Optimisation through Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)
  • Multichannel approach tailored to your recipients’ needs
  • Information processing through APIs
transactional files

One-stop shop

Rely on a single partner to optimise your document flow and to determine a strategy for a multi-channel approach.

  • Lower costs thanks to an entirely in-house processing
  • Transparent communication
  • Quick response time
employee analysing statistics

Central reporting system

Track your transactional document flow in real-time with our user-friendly dashboard, that can be consulted anywhere and anytime.

  • Detect issues as soon as they occur
  • Analyse your document flow at any moment
  • Track information on document level

Digital transformation

Do you combine paper and digital applications in your communication strategy? Adapt your communication strategy to your customers’ needs.

  • Optimised combination of communication channels
  • More than 200 different electronic output channels available

Thanks to IPEX Group our digital conversion went through the roof. We could access 200 channels at the time instead of 5 with just one partner. We went from a 5% conversion to 35% in 6 months time.

CFO Insurance company

We are in, and we are in to stay.

1000 orders managed/day prints/year
70% digital
25 countries

Do you want to automate your document flow?

Save time and money with a well-thought-out multichannel strategy

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