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Advanced document and product handling

Rely on experts for your process automation

Advanced management and optimisation of your documents and innovative storage solutions on our highly secured sites.

transactional files
Transactional documents

Advanced document handling

From raw data to lay-outed documents.

Budget control

Maximum cost savings without a decrease in quality or delivery


From raw data to lay-outed documents


Secured data handling at our highly protected production sites.

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output channel strategy
Marketing documents

Marketing automation

Optimised marketing communication through one single partner

Hyper-personalised communication

More leads through marketing communication tailored to your audience.

Fulfilment & handling

One web portal for managing, ordering and tracing all of you communication campaigns.

Document generation

A professional look & feel with consistent branding through document formatting.

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detail die-cutting
Industrial labels

High quality labelling for optimal product tracking.

We ensure an end-to-end solution for your industrial labelling. From printing and die-cutting to varnishing and managing your labels with a 100% output guarantee.

Precise die-cutting

High-quality labels perfectly shaped to your package formats.

Quality finish

A variety of finishing techniques for optimal protection of your industrial labels against many impacts.

High-tech printing

The latest innovative printing techniques for long-lasting quality.

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Industry and segments

Rely on our expertise in document and product handling with automated optimisation techniques on fulfilment, printing and tracking solutions.

Operational & logistics department - Financial department & HR - Marketing & communication department

“Thanks to the IPEX outsourcing project we managed to shift 30% of our documents to various digital channels. In less than three months they manage a complete outsourcing program. Also we saved more than 250.000 EUR per year on postal optimisation (excl. the benefits of the shift to digital). “

CFO HR Company
Real-time document dashboard

Automated solution for your transactional documents flow

Track your electronic and paper documents with our real-time dashboard

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Innovative solutions to optimise your workflow

Process automation of your document and product handlings

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