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Transactional document handling

high-tech document management

Advanced document handling

Your transactional documents are handled with care at our highly secured storage space. As an end-to-end business, you can rely on IPEX for printing and delivering your products, as well as your document management, process automation and meticulous follow-up of your transactional document flow.

  • 100% output guarantee
  • Automated treatment of non-delivered post
  • Full online traceability
  • +200 output channels
One-stop shop

Single point of contact for your transactional document management.

Track your flow

Get a clear overview of your document status.

document handling

Budget control

Working with a single partner for your transactional document solutions is beneficial for your budget. Maximise cost savings without compromising quality or delivery.

  • Mass printing with low cost inkjet printing
  • Benefit from our tariff agreements with bpost and other postal operators, even on small quantities
transactional document flow

Document formatting

Every incoming document gets optimised and validated through algorithms creating consistent layouts, higher internal productivity and improved customer satisfaction with cost-effectiveness as a result.

  • Document generation
  • Document optimisation
  • Channel rooting
secure data storage

Secure data handling

All of your transactional documents are handled with utmost integrity. Your data is stored in line with GDPR.

  • Secured access control
  • ISO27001 environment

E-registered mail

Send important documents digitally with proof of delivery and speed up the process with the use of digital signatures, checked by our online identification software.

Registered email - Digital signature - iDIN

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Thanks to IPEX Group our digital conversion went through the roof. We could access 200 channels at the time instead of 5 with just one partner. We went from a 5% conversion to 35% in 6 months time.

CFO Insurance company

We are in, and we are in to stay.

1000 orders managed/day prints/year
70% digital
25 countries
500 customers

Optimise your document flow

Make sure your sensitive documents get handled with utmost integrity.

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