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Solutions for your transactional document flow

Have you ever considered outsourcing your transactional document flow?

By using our services, your documents can be traced real-time on any given step in the process; API posting, reception, processing, printing, sending and even delivery can be traced by our services.

  • Powerful API - virtually no capacity limit
  • Preferred digital sending - automated generation of digital receivers
  • Secure - GDPR/ISO compliant
  • Real-time tracking - via API, files or online tracing
secure data storage

Improve document flow with the most relevant input and delivery channels

Our verified and local delivery network combines high performance and flexible solutions to connect easily with your current workflow. To manage documents or datafiles with accuracy we only select high performance and secure channels:

  • SFTP
  • API
  • Online upload point
  • Direct link with CRM/central management system

IPEX also consults in which channels are the most relevant for optimizing your costs and clients experience whilst keeping a clear view on the total picture. We offer over 200 output channels for complete coverage, including the most local and relevant ones.

  • Printing
  • E-mail (with payment button)
  • E-Box of Belgian Government
  • Private document stores
  • SMS
  • Peppol or Mercurius
  • E-invoicing
  • Payment services
Track your flow

Get a clear overview of your document status.

Advanced handling

Secure storage, transportation and delivery of your documents.

transactional document flow

Advanced document handling

Your transactional documents are handled with care at our highly secured storage space. As an end-to-end business, you can rely on IPEX to print and deliver your products, as well as your document management, process automation and meticulous follow-up of your transactional document flow.

  • 100% output guarantee
  • Automated treatment of non-delivered post
  • Full online traceability
  • +200 output channels
  • Document Generation and archiving service
transactional files

Transactional documents handled with the utmost integrity

Your financial, social and legal documents require secure data management and centralised traceability. Outsourcing these processes creates added value: improved payment times, reduced callback management and optimisation of your customers’ experience.

  • 100% output guarantee
  • Automated treatment of non-delivered documents
  • Full online traceability
  • +200 delivery channels
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IPEX Group delivers more than simple document handling

One-stop shop

Rely on a single partner to optimise your document flow and to determine an essential strategy for a multi-channel approach.

  • Lower costs thanks to an entirely in-house processing
  • Transparent communication
  • Quick response time

Digital transformation

Do you combine paper and digital applications in your communication strategy? Adapt your communication strategy to your customers’ needs.

  • Optimised combination of communication channels
  • More than 200 different electronic output channels are available
  • Preferred digital delivery
  • Fallback to postal delivery


Document formatting

Ever incoming document gets optimised and validated through algorithms creating consistent layouts, higher internal productivity and improved customer satisfaction with cost-effectiveness as a result.

  • Document generation
  • Document optimisation
  • Channel rooting


Secure data handling

All of your transactional documents are handled with the utmost integrity. Your data transactions are stored in line with GDPR.

  • Secured access control
  • ISO27001 environment
  • GDPR Compliance

Thanks to IPEX Group our digital conversion went through the roof. We could access 200 channels at the time instead of 5 with just one partner. We went from a 5% conversion to 35% in 6 months time.

CFO Insurance company

We are in, and we are in to stay.

1000 orders managed/day prints/year
70% digital
25 countries

Do you want to automate your document flow?

Save time and money with a well-thought-out multichannel strategy

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