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Track your document flow with our transactional services

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Difficulties monitoring your day-to-day document flow?

Thanks to our transactional document services, it gets easier to track down defaulters, detect issues in real-time and keep an overview of your transactional document movement. By using our platform, you can trace your document flow in real-time, whether it’s completely digital or on paper.

  • GDPR compliant
  • Full transparency
One-stop shop

Single point of contact for your transactional document management.

Advanced handling

Secure storage, transportation and delivery of your documents.

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Get a clear overview of your unpaid claims through our collaborative cloud platform.

  • Ecosystem of legal experts
  • Full transparency on unpaid claims
  • Complete traceability of defaulters
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Objective benchmarking

Easily evaluate your transactional document flow and determine the key factors to optimising your document processes.

  • Reach your goals by setting the right KPIs
  • Improve your document flow
  • Indicate your flaws and improve them
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Great traceability

Track every document, whether it’s digital or on paper, with our document tracking services.

  • Recorded delivery
  • Document scanning (in & out)
  • Mail ID management
  • Printing and shipping traceability

Thanks to IPEX Group our digital conversion went through the roof. We could access 200 channels at the time instead of 5 with just one partner. We went from a 5% conversion to 35% in 6 months time.

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We are in, and we are in to stay.

1000 orders managed/day prints/year
70% digital
25 countries
500 customers

Get an overview of your document flow

Keep track of your document flow with our transactional services

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