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From now on KBC/CBC Mobile allows to send IPEX registered e-mail (early July)

New and a real first for Belgium is that from the beginning of July, customers of KBC, KBC Brussels and CBC can send a registered mail directly from KBC/CBC Mobile. KBC cooperates with IPEX for this purpose.

Karin Van Hoecke, Director digital transformation KBC division Belgium: “KBC Mobile has so far mainly offered extra services related to mobility (parking with 4411, Q-Park, tickets of De Lijn and NMBS, shared bikes) as well as access to service cheques (Sodexo), meal and eco-cheques (Monizze). We have noticed that our customers increasingly appreciate this extra-banking offer. After all, they no longer need to download a whole series of different apps, but can find everything in their user-friendly banking app. The comfort of KBC Mobile was also the decisive factor for the government to work with us on the eBox. That is why we are very happy to be able to expand our offer now and to offer services in a simple, user-friendly way that reduces the administrative burden for our customers when they look up a government document or thanks to innovative digital solutions of IPEX to send a registered e-mail.


KBC Mobile is the first to integrate the registered e-mail of partner IPEX.

What is it?

In cooperation with IPEX, KBC offers an alternative to registered mail with the advantage that the customer does not have to travel. The customer can use the registered e-mail to cancel his/her rental contract, fitness subscription, energy supplier contract,…
He can draw up and send the e-mail from KBC/CBC Mobile and follow up online who sent or received the e-mail at what time.

The KBC partner for this service, IPEX, guarantees the integrity of the consignment, i.e. the content of the document is transmitted unchanged. In addition, the registered e-mail is almost immediately offered to the recipient.

Sending a registered e-mail costs 4,85 euro.

IPEX developed the electronically registered mail so that the user can easily send a registered mail from home. In this way, the market for electronically registered mail is also opened up to the private market,” says Rodolphe van der Straten, Managing Director of IPEX. With its integration into KBC’s highly innovative banking apps, the product can easily find its way to the user.

How does it work?

The sender creates the registered e-mail in KBC Mobile. To do this, he only needs the e-mail address of the recipient. He can also add attachments to the registered e-mail such as documents or photos.

The recipient will receive a first e-mail in which he can accept the registered e-mail. Only after this acceptance will he receive a second e-mail with a PDF document.

Each of the steps in this process is time-stamped. The sender can follow the status & integrity of his registered e-mail in KBC Mobile or on the IPEX site.

Want to know more: check out our product websites:

ENG: www.e-registeredmail.com
NL: www.digitaalaangetekend.be
FR: www.recommandedigital.be

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Posted on: 18/06/2019