Basware and IPEX Sign New Partnership for Electronic Bill Delivery

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Saintes, September 11, 2017 – Basware, the leader in e-invoicing and purchase-to-pay solutions, has signed a new partnership with IPEX, a specialist in transactional document management. The first client for which the two companies are associated is the Société Wallonne Des Eaux (SWDE).

SWDE, a customer they share, played a key role in setting up the new partnership. On the one hand, SWDE has for years been relying on IPEX for the production and distribution of its outgoing documents, which are offered to it in the form of various solutions across different channels, both on paper and in electronic form: invoices , meter readings, reminder letters, contracts, etc. On the other hand, Basware manages the delivery of all supplier invoices sent to SWDE through different channels: electronically, in PDF format or in paper version. When the issue arose of integrating customer invoices into customer management via electronic invoices, both Basware and IPEX were convinced that it was possible to achieve this through a close partnership between the two companies. .

Jean-François Flament, commercial director of SWDE, explains why the company is playing the full role of electronic billing: “SWDE was the first water company in Belgium to send electronic invoices. In terms of digitization, we have always been a pioneer, and we want to continue playing that role. In terms of volume, we are an important player: our distribution network covers 40,000 km, we serve more than 200 municipalities and have more than one million meters. We supply close to 2.4 million consumers with drinking water, more than 70% of the Walloon population. With such volumes, efficiency is extremely important, and to continue our development, we must rely on electronic invoicing. ”

Nathan Vanharen, Director of Sales and Marketing at IPEX, shares his opinion on the subject: “As a specialist in transactional documents, we know that digitization, which includes extensive electronic communication, is the future. Our own specialists are moving in this direction, and this is also evident among our customers. When SWDE asked us to add e-invoicing to their customer management, we knew we had to get started with a strong partner and a specialist. Our partnership with Basware offers only advantages. Thus, all our customers can now enjoy a sophisticated ecosystem. They now have the option of exchanging invoices with their customers via Basware’s extensive network. In addition, they can also use Basware Peppol connection with public authorities; it’s an incredible asset. ”

About IPEX

IPEX was born in 1986 at the time of the appearance of the barcode in Belgium. IPEX is specialized in the processing of administrative documents, both paper and electronic. The company also has a promotional documents and an industrial labeling department.

From data management to final delivery, IPEX offers tailor-made solutions that best meet the technical requirements of each project while meeting stringent quality standards and processes. This rigorous and personalized service allows IPEX to count among its customers many references. These are both SMEs and multinationals from various sectors.
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About SWDE

The Société Wallonne des Eaux (SWDE) is a public player with a stake in the water sector in Wallonia. Since its creation, SWDE has made every effort to guarantee optimal customer service. For more than a century, SWDE has been serving the municipalities and their inhabitants.

SWDE ​​is today the largest drinking water production and distribution company in Wallonia. Its distribution network covers 40,000 km. It covers more than 200 municipalities and has more than one million meters. SWDE ​​provides nearly 2.4 million consumers with drinking water, more than 70% of the Walloon population.
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About Basware

Basware is the global leader in purchase-to-pay and e-invoicing solutions. By simplifying and streamlining key financial processes, we are helping businesses get the most out of their financial transactions. Basware Network, the largest open professional network in the world, brings together 1 million businesses in 100 countries and simplifies collaboration between buyers and suppliers. Through this network, world-class companies around the world can control their expenses, increase their efficiency, and build better relationships with their suppliers. With Basware, these companies can completely rethink the way they sell and buy, with the goal of dramatically reducing costs and improving cash flow.

Posted on: 11/09/2017