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Reach your customers through a well-thought-out marketing approach.

Do you depend on different suppliers for your marketing campaigns?

Outsource your marketing documents for optimal results. We take care of your marketing communication through an omnichannel strategy with hyper-personalised solutions. Manage all of your marketing documents, online and digital, through one single platform.

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Do you want to generate more leads through your marketing campaigns?

We provide hyper-personalised marketing campaigns, tailored to your customers. Thanks to our end-to-end solution you can rely on IPEX as a trustworthy partner for all of your marketing documents with fast delivery, high transparency and maximised cost savings.

  • Marketing transformation
  • Personalised communication
Omnichannel strategy

Reach your customers where they really are through an optimised output channel strategy.

Central reporting tool

Track your incoming leads and detect issues in real-time.

Logistics end-to-end solution

One single partner for your marketing documents with high quality results.

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Advanced document handling

Optimised marketing communication through one single partner

  • Securisation
  • Budget control
  • Online order portal
  • Anti-spam activation
  • Cross media campaigns
  • Mass emailing campaigns
  • Complex output management
Hyper-personalised communication

More leads through marketing communication tailored to your audience.

Fulfilment & handling

We create a web portal for managing, ordering and tracing all of you communication campaigns.

Document generation

Create a professional look & feel with consistent branding through document formatting.

marketing automation

Optimise your content marketing activities

Marketing campaigns that are always up-to-date with the latest developments in the marketing industry.

  • Headcount optimisation
  • Guaranteed cost reduction
  • Renewed focus on your core business
Efficiency optimisation

Fast delivery with full transparency.

Innovative marketing approach

Up-to-date marketing campaigns adapted to the latest insights and technologies.

End-to-end marketing service

Rely on one partner for all of your marketing campaigns.

Real-time document dashboard

Automated solution for your transactional documents flow

Track your electronic and paper documents with our real-time dashboard

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Optimise your marketing communication

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