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Transactional documents

Optimise your transactional documents flow from different suppliers.

Automate the most complex document flows

Do you want to simplify your complex workflows? Improve your productivity with our multi-channel automation solutions. Your digitalization starts with our innovative approach, planned down to the smallest detail.

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One-stop shop

Are you looking for a single point of contact for your transactional document management? We handle your transactional documents with the greatest integrity, whichever communication strategy you opt for. From data generation to cash collection.

  • Logistic end-to-end solution
  • Hyper-personalized communication
  • Automated routine documents from different suppliers
Clear output channel strategy

A single strategy across your channels of choice.

Digital transformation

Reach your customers through the right communication platforms.

Central reporting system

Track your transactional document flow in real-time.

precise die-cutting

Advanced document handling

A secure storage, transportation and delivery of your transactional documents.

  • low cost inkjet printing
  • fully automated C4 enveloping
  • cost effective invoicing: pay only what you print
  • postal alternatives to bpost
  • virtual print drivers to captivate small volumes
  • automated treatment of non-delivered post
  • white paper factory (no preprint on envelopes)
  • online stationery management
  • document ergonomics
Budget control

Maximum cost savings without decrease in quality or delivery


Documents are optimised and validated through algorithms.


Secured data handling at our highly protected production sites.

E-registered mail

Send important documents securely and with proof of delivery.

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transactional document flow

Track your communication flow

Get a clear overview of your document status.

  • GDPR compliant
  • Full transparency
  • Ecosystem of legal experts

Collaborative cloud platform for unpaid claims.

Objective benchmarking

Track every document, electronic or paper, with our tracking system.


Track every document, electronic or paper, with our tracking system.

Real-time document dashboard

Automated solution for your transactional documents’ flow

Track your electronic and paper documents with our real-time dashboard

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Optimise your multi-channel communication

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