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Track your products through the latest innovative labelling technologies.

Are you working with different suppliers for your industry labels?

Outsource your industry label printing and management to one single supplier for the best results. At IPEX we offer high quality industrial labelling with innovative solutions such as labels with integrated RFID, in mold, adhesive and aluminum labels.

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End-to-end solution for an optimal workflow

Rely on one single partner for all of your product labelling and management. IPEX manages the entire process, from choosing the right materials to producing your variable data labels.

  • GS1 / DIN CERTCO certified IML process
  • High transparency
  • One-stop shop
  • Better control
  • Data management
High-tech serialisation

Protect your brand by combatting counterfeit products.

Logistics end-to-end solution

The entire variable data labels managed from raw materials to tracking your products.

Central reporting system

Track your products through the entire supply chain.

Data management

IPEX keeps track of your label serialisation.

high quality labeling

High quality labelling for optimal product tracking.

We ensure an end-to-end solution for your industrial labelling. From printing, die-cutting to varnishing and managing your labels with a 100% output guarantee.

  • Securisation
  • 100% output guarantee
  • Full online traceability of production statuses
Precise die-cutting

High-quality labels perfectly shaped to your package formats.

Quality finish

With our variety of finishing techniques, your industrial labels are protected against many impacts.

High-tech printing

The latest innovative printing techniques for long-lasting quality.

Barcodes labeling

Rely on a one-stop shop for all of your labelling services.

Increase your ROI and simplify your ordering process by centralising your product labelling with one single supplier.

  • Headcount optimisation
  • Always up-to-date with the newest labelling techniques
Higher efficiency rate

Thanks to our end-to-end solution, our label production can be done in no time.

Renewed focus

By outsourcing your labelling management, you can focus on your main activities.

Budget control

Maximise your cost savings without a decrease in quality or delivery.

Real-time document dashboard

Automated solution for your transactional documents flow

Track your electronic and paper documents with our real-time dashboard

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Track your products through the entire process

Better tracking through innovative label techniques.

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