Our Mission

To improve your products’ tracking and marking.

To improve management of your flows and transactional documents.

To optimise your communication and marketing campaigns.

Our products


Ipex supports its clients through complete management of tracking solutions.

Ipex has developed 3 product ranges, all within the variable data printing field.

  • Industrial labels for tracking and marking your products.
  • Transactional documents (print or e-documents).
  • Promotional documents (print or e-documents).



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Our services


Ipex’s specialist knowledge in information coding and variable data allows the company to offer data management services for label marking, as well as management and printing for transactional and promotional documents.

From data management to final delivery, Ipex provides a tailor-made service and innovative solutions while adhering strictly to the production process and delivery deadlines.

In order to carry out the various production phases, the Ipex team includes designers, IT engineers, production specialists and project managers. This complementary expertise provides each client with a full service combining efficiency, flexibility and creativity.



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We work for

home_work_1 Operations, by providing marking and tracking labels.

home_work_2 Finance and HR, by outsourcing financial and HR documents.

home_work_3Marketing and communication, by creating ultra-personalised mailings.

Optimal process


Ipex processes guarantee clients a global service that meets strict quality standards while integrating the technical and budgetary constraints. Ipex works in partnership with the client for maximum optimisation of every project.

About us

Founded in 1986 with the introduction of the bar code in Belgium, IPEX has continued to focus on these key concepts: personalisation – identification – traceability – customer service

Ipex sets itself apart by offering IT data management for 3 product ranges:

  • Labels
  • Transactional documents
  • Promotional documents

From data management to final delivery, Ipex offers tailor-made solutions which respond optimally to the technical requirements of each project and adhere to very strict process and quality standards.

In response to this rigorous and personalised service, Ipex has received many strong recommendations from small and medium businesses as well as large national and multinational companies working in various sectors.

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